Sending A Parcel

Sending a Parcel

Sending a parcel is very simple and straightforward using our online booking system. You need to register for an account with us first, and once you receive your username and password log in to your account. Click “Send a Parcel” to begin processing your shipment and follow the on-screen instructions to give us the delivery address, package details etc. Once everything is complete, press "Print Label", stick it on your package and that's pretty much it. Depending on the destination of your parcel, you may need to supply an invoice for Customs purposes. Please contact your local CSM branch for details.


The services available to you will depend on your destination, please see our Services page for clarification.

Customs Invoice

Invoices are required for Customs purposes for packages being sent outside of the EU, they are not required for document envelopes only. Documents over 2kgs will require an invoice.

Online Booking Help

Return Services
  • Return Services

    If you'd like a parcel returned to you then we have two types of service to help you:

    1. 1. Email Label

      This is available from most areas, and the label is free of charge. Just email a return address label to whoever has the parcel, and then either you or they can contact the carrier to arrange (book) a collection. Shipping costs will be charged in accordance with your existing rates.

    2. 2. RS1

      A surcharge of £5 is applied per package label in addition to the shipping costs. Collection will be made the day after booking.

      • Please be accurate when giving the number of packages, weight and size as you'll be charged for the number of labels produced, even if they're not all used.
      • Please also note that the surcharge will be applied if the return is arranged but the packages not collected.

    Please also remember that whichever option you choose you may incur additional charges if the weight / size is greater than that given at the time of booking.

    International returns will be delivered to our own depot and may be liable for duties and taxes which are payable before final delivery to the client

    For imports from countries outside the EU a surcharge of £15 per consignment is applicable in addition to any tax, duty and processing fees.

    Any imports from outside the EU will require commercial invoices for UK customs.

    24 hours notice is required for all third party collections, national and international.