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Service Information

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    Return Services

    If you’d like a parcel returned to you then we have two types of service to help you:

    1. 1. Email Label

      This is available from most areas, and the label is free of charge. Just email a return address label to whoever has the parcel, and then either you or they can contact the carrier to arrange (book) a collection. Shipping costs will be charged in accordance with your existing rates.

    2. 2. RS1

      A surcharge of £5 is applied per package label in addition to the shipping costs. Collection will be made the day after booking.

      • Please be accurate when giving the number of packages, weight and size as you’ll be charged for the number of labels produced, even if they’re not all used.
      • Please also note that the surcharge will be applied if the return is arranged but the packages not collected.

    Please also remember that whichever option you choose you may incur additional charges if the weight / size is greater than that given at the time of booking.

    Please be aware that international returns will be delivered to our own depot and may be liable for duties and taxes which are payable before final delivery to the client.  

    For imports from countries outside the EU a surcharge of £15 per consignment is applicable in addition to any tax, duty and processing fees

    Any imports from outside the EU will require commercial invoices for UK customs.

    24 hours notice is required for all third party collections, national and international.

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    Undelivered Packages

    Packages not delivered or refused will be returned to the carrier’s depot at the account holder’s expense, and billed accordingly.

    Please note that for destinations outside the EU local customs charges could also be applied.

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    Saturday Deliveries

    Available to most cities & towns in the UK, and major EU and Worldwide destinations *.

    • UK deliveries are charged from £38, plus fuel, per package.
    • All other destinations are charged at the Express rate, plus £55.

    When completing the online documentation, just mark the service as ‘Express’, click ‘Saturday Delivery’ in the special instructions and label the packages with Saturday Stickers.

    * Please call to check availability

  • A lorry icon

    Additional Handling £3.75

    This applies to any packages that are over 30 kilos, as assistance could be required to load heavy items.

    It also applies to packages that are:

    • Not fully encased in cardboard
    • Encased in metal or wood
    • Over 150cm in length (or if the second longest side is over 76cm)
    • In plastic wrapping
    • Cylindrical

    Please also be aware that the maximum weight to certain international destinations is 31.5kgs due to aircraft size - please confirm with CSM beforehand.

  • A parcel icon

    Large Package Surcharge

    A £35 surcharge per package will apply to packages over a combined length and girth of 320cm

    NB: Packages subject to a large package surcharge will be charged at a minimum of 40kg

  • A heavy weight icon

    Over Maximum Size

    A £35 surcharge per package will apply to:

    • Packages over 70kg
    • Packages over the maximum length of 270cm

    NB: Packages exceeding either the maximum length or girth will be charged at a minimum of 40kg

    For anything with a length and girth over 419cm please contact your local branch for an alternative service and quote.

  • An icon representing a correction fee

    Address Correction Fee

    An additional fee of £5.50 per consignment is charged where an address has to be amended

  • A globe icon

    DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) Fee

    If you’d like to pay the duty and tax for shipments sent to and from countries outside the EU (provided the country allows this), then a surcharge of £15 is applicable per consignment in addition to any tax, Duty and Customs Processing fees. These charges must be paid immediately.
  • A documentation icon


    • A tracking label needs to be completed for each package / shipment.
    • Enter the consignment on to our web system, print off the label and firmly affix it to the box.
    • Please make sure that there are no other addresses / labels on the package(s).
    • If you’re sending packages outside the EU then you must provide invoices for Customs purposes (invoices are not required for documents contained in document envelopes). Place one copy on the main package, and give three to the driver.

    Please note that all consignments are sent at owners own risk, and are only covered to the extent of the carrier’s maximum liability. All packages are carried under the BIFA terms & conditions which you can find here.

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