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Weights & Dimensions

Here you’ll find some guidance on size and weight limitations when sending your parcel. Do remember that all carriers calculate what is known as a “Volumetric Weight” and your parcel delivery rate will be for either actual or volumetric weight whichever is the greater.

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Recommended Maximum Package Weight – 30kg

For anything over this weight, the driver may need assistance with handling

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Maximum Length – 270cm

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Volumetric Weight

Sometimes a parcel isn’t very heavy but is still quite big. If this is this case, we work out the parcel’s “volumetric weight”. We calculate this by taking the volume of the parcel and dividing it by 5000 i.e.

Length x width x height


So if you have a 5kg parcel that is 120cm long, 35cm wide and 20cm high, the volumetric weight would be:

120 x 35 x 20 = 16.80kg


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Maximum size – 320cm

The maximum acceptable length and girth of a parcel is 320cm.

  • This is calculated by:
  • adding together the 2 shortest sides,
  • multiplying by 2
  • then adding the longest side.

For example

35 + 20 = 55

55 x 2 = 110

110 + 120 = 230cm

Image containing various photographs representing measurement and weight